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The Laggards of the Snack Food 20

In addition to PepsiCo, these three laggard companies have failed to put adequate policies and procurement practices in place, and are almost certainly using Conflict Palm Oil.


We need to convince each of these laggards to adopt a time-bound and truly responsible global palm oil procurement policy, which requires fully traceable, legally produced palm oil, and eliminates sourcing from companies which are destroying rainforests or carbon-rich peatlands, stealing community lands or violating human and workers’ rights.


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Call Script:

“Hi, my name is [your name] from [your city]. I’m a [student, mom..] and one of your valued customers! It concerns me that your company cannot guarantee that it is not using conflict palm oil in its products. [Company Name] must demand responsible palm oil from its suppliers and eliminate conflict palm oil from your products. I encourage you to secure a new global responsible palm oil procurement policy and implementation plan that ensures that the palm oil in your company’s supply chain is fully traceable, legally grown, and sourced from verified responsible palm oil producers not associated with deforestation, expansion onto carbon-rich peatlands or human and labor rights violations. Thank You!”

Social Media:

Facebook - Hey [Company Name], I can’t stand by brands that use #ConflictPalmOil. Demand responsible palm oil from your suppliers and eliminate rainforest destruction and human rights and labor abuses from your products.

Twitter - [@CompanyName] I can’t stand by brands that use
#ConflictPalmOil linked to exploitation & deforestation.

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