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The Coal Sludge Is About to Hit the Fan

We have heard from coalfield residents that Massey Energy has resumed operations on Coal River Mountain in West Virginia, and that blasting is imminent. The blasting will take place only a few hundred feet away from the Brushy Fork impoundment dam, which holds over 9 billion gallons of toxic coal sludge above Marsh Fork Elementary school Pettus, WV directly across the street from state police offices which house a Head Start facility. If the dam bursts, it is estimated that almost 1000 people who live, work and go to school in the Coal River Valley would lose their lives. coal-river-mountain-protest_0 We need you to take a stand with the residents of the Coal River Valley. Please call Governor Manchin's office and ask him to repeal the permits on Coal River Mountain. On Monday, seven youth, ages 18-22, were arrested in West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin's offices after demanding that he take action to save Coal River Mountain. The youth, affiliated with anti-mountaintop removal groups Mountain Justice and Climate Ground Zero, were supporting Coal River Valley residents who also delivered a letter to Governor Manchin requesting that he repeal the permits issued to Massey Energy for mining on Coal River Mountain. sit_in-300x199 Studies have shown that, if left intact, the ridges on Coal River Mountain have the highest and most productive potential for wind power generation. Research by the Coal River Wind Project has shown that a wind farm on top of the mountain could generate approximately 1.2% of West Virginia's total energy needs and create at least 300 jobs in the area, while also generating long-term tax revenues. Every day that blasting occurs the clean energy potential of Coal River Mountain is obliterated. We need you to join us in standing with the residents of the Coal River Valley, and to help ensure that our clean energy future is not lost one mountain at a time. Please call Governor Joe Manchin's office and ask him to repeal the permits on Coal River Mountain.

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