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Conflict Palm Oil

Giant, multinational corporations increasingly influence what food is grown, how it’s grown and what is available in the market, dictating much of what ends up on our plates. When our food is controlled by a handful of powerful corporate players motivated chiefly by their profits our communities, our environment and our climate suffer.


Working with allies from around the world, Rainforest Action Network (RAN) is exposing the supply chains that link Conflict Palm Oil to the foods Americans are sold, focusing on a group of large corporate palm oil end-users we call the Snack Food 20. Together, the Snack Food 20 have the power to transform the way their suppliers produce palm oil, if they each adopt strong policies with clear public commitments and meaningful time-bound implementation plans to do so.

Some Snack Food 20 companies are forging ahead, but many are lagging increasingly behind by not changing the way the the palm oil that they buy and use is produced, traded and sold onto the global market. For our forests and our future, we can’t let that happen, and with your help, we won’t.

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