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Demand Tyson Foods Adopt a Responsible Food Policy

Despite years of pressure, Tyson Foods, since acquiring Hillshire Brands, is one of the few remaining Snack Food 20 companies which still fails to adopt a responsible palm oil procurement policy. It’s too busy driving the explosion of factory farming around the world. In the last 20 years small scale farming has been largely replaced with factory farms - industrial operations that confine thousands of helpless animals in horrendous conditions that lead to massive water contamination and hazardous air pollutants that endanger human health, worker abuse, and unbelievably cruel treatment of animals.

As one of the most influential players in the global processed meat market and one of the biggest corporate laggards that refuses to deal with its Conflict Palm Oil problem, we need to push Tyson Foods to adopt a responsible food policy with commitments on responsible production of palm oil and meat. We can support family farmers, local economies, and animal welfare by transforming Tyson Foods.

 Recently, Tyson has announced the launch of a $150 million venture capital fund that will focus on investment in meat alternatives such as Beyond Meat. The company is already beginning to realize that its business model may need to shift as consumers discover the truth and demand change. Please join us in calling on Tyson Foods to fully commit to a responsible food policy by signing the petition now.

Sign the Petition:

Dear Tyson Foods,

Your company is a key driver of the irresponsible production of meat and palm oil—two of the biggest drivers of environmental destruction and human & animal rights abuse.

Tyson is driving the explosion of factory farms in emerging markets in Asia and profiting off a food production system that negatively impacts human rights and our planet’s fragile ecosystems. I demand that your company change its system of production and adopt and rapidly implement comprehensive, responsible food policy.

The policy must include strict environmental, animal welfare and social safeguards for palm oil and meat production that will break its link to the abuse of the environment, workers, local communities, and animals.  We ask that Tyson Foods commit to zero deforestation in its supply chain.

Given the dire global impacts of business as usual we urge Tyson to continue investing in plant-based proteins and transition away from the abusive model of factory farming.

As a component of the comprehensive responsible food policy, Tyson must adopt a palm oil policy that goes beyond the inadequate Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. Tyson should transparently report on its efforts to curb its impact on local food systems and address serious animal rights abuses documented in its poultry production facilities. It must publish data on its contribution to rainforest destruction, carbon pollution, biodiversity loss, human and workers rights abuse and its impact on global water supplies.

Demand Tyson Foods Adopt a Responsible Food Policy

Will you sign?