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TUESDAY, JUNE 17, 2008

Visit youth social movements in Brazil

Ever wonder where you can learn from models of successful social movements and urban youth organizing? Sao Paulo is busting at the seams with innovative, effective, creative and inspiring youth organizing and projects. I had the privilege to live there for two years, getting schooled by people like Marcela Freitas who helped start a popular education program in her neighborhood to train gang members for green jobs. Marcela is now organizing a trip to Sao Paulo for you July 10 to the 20th - She wants to bring together... "students, philanthropists, activists, journalists, business leaders, social entrepreneurs, members of social movements, non-profit professionals or governmental representatives, and common citizens" and involve you in all kinds of ways, like constructing community houses for young people; discovering the challenges of a community kitchen; visiting a paper-recycling cooperative developed by young people; visiting Eco-Parks, community markets and cultural fairs; discussing, exchanging and sharing information and experiences with young activists; visiting the beach Santos; taking a capoeira workshp and much much more… Learn more here

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