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Where is your money actually spent?

Three and a half billion people around the world have bank accounts — but many of us have no idea what banks do with our money. The sad truth is that many big banks use our money to support some of the world’s most egregious tropical forest destroyers.


The worst offending banks are based in Malaysia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Europe and the U.S., bankrolling massive deforestation operations in the Southeast Asia palm oil and pulp and paper industries. For too long, big banks located far from any rainforests have funded this growing disaster with impunity. They are earning billions of dollars without being held accountable for the consequences of their investments.

That changes now.

Drawing from years of experience running finance campaigns to stop the funding of extreme energy projects like mountaintop removal coal mining, RAN and our allies are opening up a new front in our decades long fight against deforestation. We are using field investigations, supply chain research, case studies and innovative online platforms to shine a light into the dark corners of global deforestation.

We will be working to strengthen the regulatory bodies that oversee big banks and we will be naming names and exposing bad actors to pressure them to adopt robust new corporate policies that break the link between the projects banks finance and the worst impacts of forest destruction, human rights abuses and climate pollution.

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