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Why Japan?

Alongside Europe and the United States, Japan is a major global driver of tropical deforestation and related human rights abuses, particularly in Southeast Asia. Japanese companies are significant purchasers and financiers of palm oil, pulp & paper and timber from Indonesia and Malaysia.


These commodities are strongly associated with forest destruction, land grabbing and massive carbon pollution. At the same time, Japanese banks are some of the biggest sources of finance for companies causing large-scale clearance of valuable rainforests and peatlands. Protecting Southeast Asia’s rainforests requires shrinking Japan’s rainforest footprint.

RAN Japan was established in 2005, beginning with a campaign to protect Tasmania’s ancient forests from Australian timber giant Gunns Limited. By mobilizing key stakeholders, including Gunns’ Japanese pulp & paper customers, we secured a major victory for Tasmania’s forests. Since then, RAN has campaigned against Japan’s use of paper from tropical rainforests produced by irresponsible suppliers like APP and APRIL, illegal rainforest timber, and more recently Conflict Palm Oil.

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