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Workers' Rights & Palm Oil

Workers' Rights & Palm Oil


Conflict Palm Oil is palm oil which has been produced illegally or under conditions associated with workers' rights or human rights violations, ongoing destruction of rainforests, or expansion on carbon-rich peatlands. The numerous issues with Conflict Palm Oil have been increasingly spotlighted, which has spurred many companies throughout the palm oil supply chain to adopt responsible palm oil policies. These policies outline commitments to produce and source palm oil that is not associated with the violation of workers’ rights, the violation of workers rights, deforestation, expansion on carbon-rich peatlands, or the violation of human rights. Read more in Rainforest Action Network's full report: The Human Cost of Conflict Palm Oil: Indofood, PepsiCo’s Hidden Link to Worker Exploitation in Indonesia.


While the issues with Conflict Palm Oil are increasingly highlighted, reports of egregious workers rights violations on palm oil plantations are just beginning to emerge. A responsible palm oil policy requires the production and sourcing of palm oil that is fully traceable, legally grown and verified as not associated with workers’ rights or other human rights violations, deforestation, or expansion on carbon-rich peatlands of any depth.


Join Rainforest Action Network, International Labor Rights Forum, OPPUK and organizations from around the world that are supporting efforts to shine a spotlight on the human suffering and workers' rights violations behind PepsiCo’s cheap snack food (click here to read the full report). Send PepsiCo a message today telling them you stand in solidarity with Indofood’s palm oil workers and demand that PepsiCo require Indofood to uphold workers’ rights and rapidly implement a truly responsible palm oil policy.

Visit to take action today and join the movement working to transform the palm oil sector by joining the Palm Oil Action Team.


Workers Rights, Labor Rights & Palm Oil  

Workers' rights, labor rights, and palm oil.

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