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Today is World Orangutan Day and we invite you to celebrate and support these adorable giants with whom we share our planet. Deep sensitive eyes, opposable thumbs, highly developed communications and the use of tools make the orangutans seem almost human.

WorldOrangutanDay_v2-optimized.jpgIt is also a day to acknowledge that there are less than 6600 Sumatran orangutans now left in the wild. As rainforest canopy dwellers the orangutans are under serious threat in the wild. Large tracts of Sumatran rainforest they live in are being razed to grow palm oil; a common ingredient in snack foods sold by some of the largest corporations in the United States. Scientists estimate that converting a forest area into an industrial palm oil plantation resulting in the death or displacement of over 95 percent of the orangutans who originally lived in the area.

Rainforest Action Network along with supporters like you have been at the forefront of the campaign to investigate and confront the corporations who have been sourcing Conflict Palm Oil grown by clearing large parts of the Sumatran rainforest.

With your help we are driving change where it counts - in the homes of the last wild orangutans. We're up against the biggest snack food companies in the world. We don't take a dime of corporate money — so please give generously today to help us ensure the survival of the orangutans.