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Zulkarnain, Indra Pelani’s best friend

“Indra Pelani was a great fighter. He understood the conflict between the Lubuk Mandarsah community and Asia Pulp & Paper. One example was when army officers came to block the farmers from working the fields. The company sent the army and when they came, Indra checked the army’s jurisdiction and confirmed that they did not have jurisdiction in Lubuk Mandarsah.”


Indra Pelani, a 23-year-old activist and farmer from Lubuk Mandarsah, Jambi Province, Indonesia, was kidnapped, bound and brutally beaten to death by Asia Pulp & Paper’s (APP) plantation security guards on February 27, 2015. His body was found deposited on the side of the road the next day. Seven guards surrendered to the police following the incident. The community of Lubuk Mandarsah continues to remember and mourn his tragic loss.

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